• #Triangular love: Don’t let two men fall in #love with you, girls. It’s not the sort of thing that ends well.

  • A #Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a #grid #pattern of dots.

    Kolams are regionally known by different names in India, Raangolee in Maharashtra, Hase and Raongoli in Kannada in Karnataka, Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh, Golam in Kerala etc..

  • Handmade paper crafted lamp! #DIY

  • trydesignlab:

    Why our intro Design Essentials course on Designlab doesn’t teach tools

    There’s one recurring type of question we get from prospective students at Designlab, and it’s related to design software. How important is it to know Photoshop? Do you guys teach Sketch? This course doesn’t look…

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    Exploring the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, India

    For more photos and videos from the temple, browse the #Meenakshi hashtag and explore the Meenakshi Amman Temple location page.

    In the center of Madurai, the oldest city in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu, the Meenakshi Amman Temple stands as a mythological and architectural symbol of the region. Initially founded in ancient times and rebuilt to reflect urban planning methods around the 17th century, the Hindu temple is dedicated to the legendary Goddess Meenakshi and her husband Lord Sundareswara (also known as Parvati and Shiva).

    The 18 hectare (45 acre) temple complex consists of 12 pyramid-shaped gopurams, or traditional gateway towers, which measure as tall as 50 meters (164 feet) in height. These towers are erected along the outer and inner walls of the temple and are decorated with thousands of carved figures from roof to the floor, each representing gods, demons, heroes and animals appearing in Hindu myths. Other attractions of the premises include shrines for Meenakshi and Sundareswarar, magnificent hallways and the Golden Lotus Temple tank. The temple is home to around 50 priests and a number of annual Hindu festivals, making it an active place of worship as well as a major tourist attraction of Southern India.

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  • An another poster for an awesome movie called #BangaloreDays #Minimalistic

  • Small piece of appreciation for a #movie called #BangaloreDays

  • #Selfie

  • Slip between the #cup and the #lip

  • Still images can be moving and moving images can be still. (at Charminar, Hyderabad)

  • A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the #world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the #crack was. (at Report Bee, Kotturpuram)

  • Started doodling after so many years!

    Check out my recent doodle “I’m so hippie”

  • Off to Hyderabad! Hyderabad… Nenu vasthunanu :)

    #CharminarExpress #Chennai #Hyderabad #India (at Chennai Central Station)

  • Happy Labours day

    For quite a few people, Labor Day implies two things: a day off from work and the end of summer. so what exactly is Labor Day? Labours’ Day is mainly celebrated to pay tribute to working men and women. Therefore, May 1 is a national public holiday in more than 80 countries, but in only some of those countries is the public holiday officially known as Labor Day or some similar variant. In the other countries, the public holiday marks the Spring festival of May Day.

    Source: http://blog.adidhotre.com/labours-day/

  • Voting is one of your civic responsibility, please do vote it with out any bias and never make a mistake while choosing your prime ministerial candidate.

    Be calculative while you register your #vote.


    Source: blog.adidhotre.com/vote