• #Goodbye #Amby: At 60 years, the Morris Oxford/HM Ambassador has the longest persistent run of any present generation #car.

    At the point when Mexican production of the Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle stopped in 2003, the auto with the longest continuous production run (for the platform, not the model name) turned into the Morris Oxford II, which appeared in the UK for the 1954 model year and started production in India as the #Hindustan #Ambassador in 1958. Well the news today is that Hindustan Motors has closed down the solitary Ambassador plant comes as a shock to us.

    The purposes behind the shutdown incorporate “mounting losses, scarcity of funds, growing indiscipline, low gainfulness, and so on.” Whatever may be the Ambassador car has created a benchmark by being in production since 60years.

    Its an honour to pay a design tribute to a legendary car called ‘Ambassador’

    Source: http://blog.adidhotre.com/ambassador/

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  • #Inspiring: Raghu dixit’s Jag Changa - Album art by Manek D’Silva.

  • Cancerian can be heartless when it comes to certain things, but there is a good reason behind it. #proud #cancerian

  • #Miniature: #Honda 250R bike

  • There are enough no #smoking places now.

  • I wish I can #peddle back to the #past.

  • I’m not in #danger, I’m the danger -Walter Black. 😜

  • Looking for #love is tricky business, like whipping a #carousel horse. (at Marina Beach)

  • I have lot of fans and I had always shared my shoulders when they needed.

  • #Pepsi sponsored by Paneer #soda 😜

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  • an optimistic would say a cone is half full, while a pessimist would say it is half empty. (at Creamyinn)

  • Customer: hello, is it a good time to talk ?
    Shop keeper: Sorry I don’t have #time.

  • Caught #candid: A question which made me #blush, I don’t remember the question though.

  • #Miniature, the Vespa has evolved from single model motor scooter.

    What does the word Vespa mean in Italian?
    Looking at one of the prototype with its wide central part where the rider sat and the narrow “Waist”, it’s founder exclaimed it “looks like a wasp” wasp is an insect which has narrow waist.

    In Italian language the direct translation of ‘Wasp’ is ‘Vespa’

    And so the #Vespa was born.

  • #Idli is a traditional breakfast in South Indian households, the preparation of idli has inspired other traditions as well, one of them are Gujurati #dhokla.

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